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Reclaiming the Healing Ways

of the Wise-Woman


Rev. Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Called “The High-Priestess of Ritual & Resonance”… "The Village Voice”

Trans-denominational Minister, Melissae
on the 'Path of Pollen'

Anthroposophical-Rosicrucian-Hermetic-Reclaiming WITCH

Ritual-Shaman, Psychopomp, Poet, Performance Artist,

HealingStoryPuppeteer, Ecstatic Dancer, modern Mystic, Contemporary Bard…

Master Facilitator in team building & consensus processes

Founder & Facilitator of
SheDrums MysteryLodge

Workshops, Retreats & Rites of Passage

the WE drum Tribe’ = "the Heart-Beat of Chicago's Conscious Community"

the "Give Peace a Dance" Rhythm-Ritual & Drum Circle

@MKP 1900 W. Fulton every 1st Saturday

Wisdom Roots Puppetry  - working in the Waldorf-Tradition

of Therapeutic Seasonal Story, Song & Ensouled Puppetry…

Our offerings are a gift in the art & archetype, the magic & meaning, the wisdom & renewal,

of opening the heart & soul, to bring through the visible story, a picture of possibilities…

lifting the veil of the everyday, to connect us with spirit & the wonders of the natural world…

we use handmade felted wool table puppets, colorful silks & other natural materials

to provide a joyful pathway into these wonders.

Making music is strong medicine & Hazel uses the power of Rhythm -

The Drum, Sound Vibration, Conscious Dance & the Rhythm of the Seasons, as healing tools;

Creating Sacred Space where Transformation is possible. Every event is Purposeful Art in Action,

a Spontaneous Ritual of Grace, Invoking Wholeness, to access our Divine Creative Self, 

as we learn to Become our own Shaman. With these tools we Build Community;

Joining our gifts together to nurture & network the many realms of our unique personal potential;

Facilitating beauty, power & well being, for our mind, body, spirit & planet.  

Hazel is a Spiritual Midwife, working in an eclectic non-denominational style

that inspires connections, encompassing yet transcending all cultural expressions;

Initiating us into the magic, waiting to be reveled, in the cycle of the seasons,

where the laws of Nature unveil themselves, & become manifest in our everyday lives. 

The core of Hazels artistic fire is the belief that there is an incredible global need

to create community, replace stress with bliss,

& discover the power of our own Divine Rhythm in a fun, supportive way.


Having grown up in the Heart-Land, Hazel took her heart to San Francisco at the tender age of 15

on a full scholarship to study Philosophy & comparative Religion (with a minor in Women’s Studies)

@ S.F. State University. This lead her to travel extensively to study with indigenous Shamans,

Priestess's, monks & mystics from around the globe. These years of research & experiential learning

formed the basis of her practical philosophy.  This 'Spiritual Alchemy' connects rhythm & sound vibration

in its many forms;  voice, healing, the mind & human consciousness, deep ecology, Feminist Spirituality,

Gaia Theory, Goddess Revival, Witchcraft & intentional metaphysics. Landing in New York,

she began applying her mid-west work ethic, & her unique eclectic blend of teachings,

by building community with the Homesteading movement on the Lower East Side,

all the while creating experiential ritual theatre, & playing in various original Bands.

The circle of life has brought Hazel back to Chicagoland to spark intuitive empowerment through

SHE DRUMS, the WE drum Tribe, SANCTUARY, & D.E.V.A


Rev. Hazel is a non-denominational minister ordained at the Spiritual Science Center, of Maryland

a school dedicated to teaching comparative religions, philosophy, & service to humanity.


Rev. Hazel creates Custom Ceremonies to fit your needs:

Handfastings, Traditional, as well as same sex Marriages,

Fertility Rituals, Baby Blessings, Renewal of Vows,

Home & Corporate Blessings, Crossing over ceremonies, Funerals,

 Memorials/Celebration of Life, & other Rites of Passage,

specializing in Coming of Age Initiations.







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photos www.miaaigotti.com


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Laura Dee Lucchesi, feminist spirituality, Reclaiming witch, Strega, hazel from the NYC band "health hen" & baby boom,

Hazel Lucchesi, Health Hen, "it's Obvious", Baby Boom, Laura Dee Lucchesi, Melissae