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SHE DRUMS the Women's Community Rhythm-Ritual



Recent Past New Moon Lodge events:

Friday April 8th

She Drums Returns !!! on the Solar Eclipse


Saturday May 14th

Exploring the Mysteries of Medusa: Sovereign Female Wisdom


*Special Event*:

Tuesday June 21 a Summer Solstice Rhythm-Ritual Gathering

with the We drum TRIBE


Friday July 8th

The Egyptian Solar Goddess Sekhmet Revealed


Friday September 30

Invoking the Oceanic Power of the Mother of the Orisha, Yemaya Olokun


Friday October 28th

Our Annual All Hallows Gathering !!!


After this Special Samhain New Moon Lodge

She Drums will Gather Quarterly...

Our next Rhythm-Ritual will be


Fri. January 27th 2006 come join us as we delve into the mysteries of Inanna & Ereshkigal


Fri. April 28

in honor of Beltane, this New Moon Lodge will explore

the enigmatic Sheela-Na-Gig


Sat. July 29

at this New Moon Lodge we will Unveil & Reclaim the Power & Mystery of KALI


Fri. Oct. 27

Our All Hallows invocation calling forth

Cerridwen's Cauldron of Transformation


Friday December 22

at this New Moon Lodge

We Invoke the 3 Fates

(also known as the Nordic Norns)

to Empower Us as We Weave

Our Destinies in the Returning Light of Winter Solstice



Friday March 16th 2007

at this New Moon Lodge we welcome the blossoming energies of the Vernal Equinox as we explore the True Prosperity of Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Bliss & Abundance



Friday June 22

"Drum with the Hunter"

a Special Summer Solstice Event

combining the energies of the Women of She Drums with the We drum Tribe in a Rhythm-Ritual that tells the story

of Artemis & Orion out at the lake

7:30pm - 9:30pm at the Stone Fire-Pit on the Landfill @ Northwestern University...



Saturday September 22

Embracing the shifting seasons & Welcoming the Autumnal Equinox

as we Invoke the ancient energies of

Tonantzin - Aztec Goddess of the Corn



Saturday October 13

a Full Day VisionQuest

& Initation into YOUR True Bliss

"Journey into Abundance -

A Women's Rite"

10am - 4pm

an Experiential Workshop

Guiding you in a Deep Exploration of what Authentic Prosperity

means to YOU

thru the Art & Science of Sacred Intention...


presented by the SheDrums MysteryLodge*


Fee: $75 pre-registered (cash/check)

$95 at the door - cash only

Contact: 773-338-9863 reginarowe@yahoo.com


*Facilitated by CoreGuides

Rev. Hazel l'Aura G.

ShamanPriestess Regina Rowe  



Sunday October 28th 2007

Quest Fest 2007 -

a Harvest Festival

of Puppets, Drums & Dance


3pm "The Gathering"=

open women's drum circle featuring  She Drums

& many other groups +YOU



Friday December 14 2007

Reveling in the festival of lights

& the dark nights

of the Winter Solstice

We explore the many faces of




Saturday February 9 1pm - 5pm

the She Drums MysteryLodge presents:

an Experiential workshop in Honor of Imbolc,

Invoking the Celtic Goddess Brigid



Saturday March 29th 12:45pm - 5pm

the She Drums MysteryLodge presents:

Fertile Balance: a Women's Rite of Spring


Saturday August 9th, 12:45pm - 5pm

the She Drums MysteryLodge presents:

 "Bringing in the Sheaves"



November 8th 12:45-5pm

an All Hallows workshop:

“The 9 Tasks

of Wassilissa the Wise

The Retrieval of Intuition as Initiation

Become - The One Who Knows

Extract nourishment

from your own deep knowing

To be the keeper of

your own Creative Fires

An Experiential Initiation

into the Dark Powers & Creative Fire

of Baba Yaga, The CroneMother







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