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Friday January 27th 2006

8PM -10PM

Lake Street Church

rooted, connected, transformed 

607 LAKE (at Chicago Ave) EVANSTON IL.

Josephine's Parlor Room

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"As I give, I get."

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$8 (for students/seniors/single moms)

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During this time of Epiphany, when the light slowly stirs & the forgetful frost begins to kick off it's covers...only to urge us back to our blankets with each inevitable cold snap...our impulse to embody the hope & promise of spring is languidly awakened & yet the life force deep within the earth is still delving into it’s mysteries thru fitful sleep…we too can conceive of ourselves by taking the hero’s journey inward, to ponder the underworld secrets of our deeper Self…the many paths of this journey have been prefigured for us thru myth & legend...

at this New Moon Lodge we will experience the ancient journey of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna & thereby explore the mysteries of the Dark Goddess Ereshkigal...Inanna hears the groans of her sister Ereshkigal, Goddess of the netherworld, so Inanna, Queen of Heaven & Earth follows Her destiny & willing takes the journey into the dark, to be reunited with the undiscovered & rejected parts of herself, symbolized by her sister… She fortifies herself with the royal power inherent in each of her chakras…but the 7 gates to the netherworld are narrow & she must leave behind her vestiges of power in order to enter…In this vulnerable state, she faces her sister, token of the collective unconsciousness, & her own  shadow-self…out of this alchemical process empathy is born…this emerging part of Inanna takes to heart her sisters travails of painful labor…She hears her pain & names it back to her…This is the action of Wisdom, which allows for her rebirth thru her sister...returning the gifts of her 7 chakras transformed & renewed…she becomes more than merely the Goddess of Heaven & Earth, She has conquered the underworld as well & has Become, Complete…

do you feel called to make "Her Journey" your own...?



Do you choose to open your Ear

to the moans of your Sister, The Queen of the Underworld,

your subconscious Self?


Do you dare go through the seven narrow gates,

to shed your vestiges of power?


Who are you without your false trappings & reassuring habits?


In empathy, echo your travailing shadow

to give birth to your chakras renewed;

& Bring back the jewel of wholeness -

 Your United Self.



as part of the evening


(Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)


will perform

"Her Journey"

  A Ritual-Dance

exploring the Divine energies of Inanna & Ereshkigal



Stacey Taheny 

Nancy Graham-Betend 

Debra Sawyer 

Hazel L'Aura G.



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