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SHE DRUMS the Women's Community Rhythm-Ritual




& the She Drums MysteryLodge presents:  


"Brigid's Quickening"-
an Experiential Workshop
Invoking the Practical Alchemy
of the Celtic Triple Goddess
to Purify, Awaken & Galvanize
your Head, Heart & Hands

 Prepare to forge your life's work...!
name it, Shape it, claim it...
Declare who you are...!
What are your goals for the coming year?
What is stirring inside you that seeks to grow...?
& how will you nurture it...?

Come Renew Yourself
in our Supportive Circle of Women...
Together we will thaw the winter
& rouse the mysteries growing within...

Saturday February 9th 2008 
12:45pm - 5pm   

location to be announced

Facilitated by Core-Guide:

Rev. Hazel l'Aura G.

 Fee: $55 pre-registered (cash/check)
$65 at the door - cash only

Space is Limited
to pre-register contact

(some work exchange scholarships available)

feel free to bring your business cards or flyers

for our community networking table

All participants may Vend your Wares for FREE

but you must arrive by 12:30pm to set up

As part of our workshop we will explore:


v                             Creating Sacred Space

v                             Inner Journeying for:

v                             Purification, Divine Inspiration, & the Galvanizing of the Will Force

v                             Experiential Ritual:

v                             Affirming the Artist/Innovator Within; Energizing Creative Work

v                             Alchemical Initiation - Self, Group +

v                             Automatic Writing / Journaling

v                             Guided Trance Visualizations & Meditations

v                             Drumming as Invocation +

v                             Ecstatic Dance

v                             Authentic Dedication – self blessing & spiritual re-dedication,

v                             Creating Personal Altars

v                             Crafting – Brigid’s Cross +


            (with pre-registration you will receive more Details)

     Space is Limited to pre-register contact hazel@shedrums.com




The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid


Brigid (meaning ‘Exalted One’ or ‘One who Exalts Herself’) is also called Breo Saighead, Brid, Brighid (Irish), Brigindo, Brigandu (Gaulish), Brigan, Brigantia, Brigantis or Brigantia (Brittish) & Bride.


As the triple Goddess, Brigid is ‘the Fire in the head’ of Inspiration or Poetry, (In Druid tradition, poetry (filidecht) was associated with augury So Brigit was also the patron of prophets & seers)

the Fire of the Hearth (Healing herb potions & Fertility),

the Fire of the Forge (the will force = Smithcraft & martial arts)…


& perhaps Brigid’s greatest mystery, after all that fire, is Her association with the Sacred Well, (symbol of the womb (belly)…The mixing of Fire & Water is an ancient alchemical symbol of the union of the opposites or the Mystic marriage, which gives birth to the creative force.


The symbolism of water (also associated with psychic ability, music, & poetry) & fire is combined in the Cauldron of Inspiration, of which she is the keeper. Said to be found where three streams joined together…


She is said to have invented the written word for the Celtics with the Ogham alphabet.


It is no wonder that Brigid is a Goddess of childbirth as well as of inspiration.

In folk beliefs St. Brigid was said to have been the midwife to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, or in some versions, She was considered Co-mother of Christ the Anointed.


Her inspiration was vital to the Bards (poets) who called upon her freely.

Due to her connection to oak & apple trees, Brigid was considered the patroness of the Druids.


As patroness of physicians & medicine making, divination & prophecy, Brigid is the benefactress of inner healing & vital energy….


Her triplicity is also represented in the unity of Maiden, Mother, Crone;

aligning with the cycles of the seasons.


Legend says that Brigid was born at sunrise while her mother was walking over a threshold, and so "was neither within nor without." This is the state known as liminality, from the Latin, limen: a threshold – the state of being “in between” places and times.


Since the time of Her birth a flame is eternally reaching out from the top of Her head, connecting Her with the universe.


The new (Christian) & the old (pagan) BRIGID were merged into St. Brigid in A.D. 450.

St. Brigid, daughter of a druid, was a goldsmith & healer.

Nineteen priestesses/nuns guard her sacred fire in Kildare, Ireland.

("Cill Dara," which means "church of the oak") On the twentieth of each month it is said she appears and tends it Herself.


Bride with her white wand is said to breathe life into the mouth of the dead Winter & to make Father Winter open his eyes to the tears & the smiles, the sighs & the laughter of Spring. The venom of the cold is said to tremble for its safety on Bride’s Day, & to flee for its life on Patrick’s Day.


In legendary battles Her preferred weapons are the spear & arrow,

& indeed one interpretation of her name Breo Saighead, is the "Fiery Arrow or Power," attribute of punishment and divine justice.


Brigid’s festival is the 1st of the cross-quarter days in the wheel of the year, one of the four main Festivals in the ancient Celtic calendar, because it marks the invisible reawakening of Nature within the cold earth.


It is the halfway point between winter & spring…a time to call upon our own inner fire to do the work of inspiration, illumination, transformation…


A time of dedication, or re-dedication to our life purpose & our power awakening.  Brigid invites us to forge & shape ourselves as the tools of our own destiny…She will heat us up in the Sacred Fire - getting us all molten & malleable - ready to be shaped into the tools we wish to be….Shifting, Changing, Shaping…


Then, as newly-shaped tools, Brigid will invite us to her healing Sacred Well to be tempered & strengthened…when we are cooled, & ready to embody that calm strength, we acknowledge ourselves as dedicated tools that can shape the world as we have been shaped…re-kindling of new vitality, or germination of the seeds of new growth/transformation.


Connections between Eastern concepts of the kundulini serpent fire & Brigid 's own more Western association with snakes & fire cast a bright light of enhanced understanding of the significance of this archetypal process, symbolically portrayed at this part of the year.


It was also sometimes called Oilmec, ‘Ewe’s Milk’ because it began the season of lambing. The 1st Milk would be flowing, hence Brigid is sometimes called ‘the Milk Maid’…


In addition to Her totemic animals of the cow & the ewe, She is also associated with the cockerel, the herald of the new day & the snake, symbol of regeneration. In this way She is related to fertility Goddesses, many of Whom were also shown holding snakes & She shares with Minerva the shield, spear & crown of serpents.


Mastering the primal element of Fire, molding the metal (from Earth) through skill, knowledge & strength, concepts of smithcraft are connected to stories concerning the creation of the world, utilizing all of the Elements to create & fuse a new shape…


In olden days, on Brigid’s Night a woman would go to the door of the house, & standing on the step with her hands on the jambs, calls softly into the darkness, ‘Bride’s bed is ready.’ To this a ready woman behind replies, ‘Let Bride come in. Bride is welcome.’ The woman at the door again addresses Bride, ‘Bride, Bride, come thou in, thy bed is made. Preserve the house for the Trinity.’ The women then place the icon of Bride with great ceremony into the bed they have so carefully prepared for it. In the hand of the icon they placed a small straight white wand, generally of birch, the tree of spring, or other sacred wood: straight to signify justice, white for purity & peace.  Then, before retiring for the night they smoothed the ashes of the hearth. Their dearest wish was that she visit them in the night, & in the morning they eagerly examined the ashes for traces of her presence.


On the night of Imbolc, bonfires are lit on the hills to call the sun…


The Day of Bride became equated with Candlemas* on February 2nd, ground hogs day & the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At this time, forty days after childbirth, Mary was supposed to have gone to the Temple at Jerusalem to make the traditional offering to purify herself. As she entered the temple, an old man named Simeon recognized the baby as the Messiah of Israel, & a “light to lighten the Gentiles.” So, once again we encounter the archetype of the young Sun or Light come to redeem the darkness, but now in Christian clothing.


* If Candlemas day be sunny and bright, Winter again will show its might.
If Candlemas day be cloudy and grey, Winter soon will pass away.


This is traditionally a time of purification — clean your house! If you have any Christmas greenery lingering, burn it now.


Make your own Brighid’s crosses (the fiery sun-wheel turning) & hang them up, especially in the kitchen where her influence can bless your food.


Other old folk traditions include Putting out food — cake, buttered bread & milk will do — outside your door: Brighid & her cow walk through the neighborhood at Imbolc time, & will appreciate your offering.


Leave a silk ribbon on your doorstep for Brighid to bless: It can then be used for healing purposes.


& still effective today: Meditate upon what you would like to see grow in health & strength this year: for yourself, your family, your community, the Earth, and ask for Bride's blessing upon your desires.



"Holy water...Sacred Fame
Brigid We Invoke your Name
Bless my Hands, my Head, my Heart
Source of Healing, Song & Art"


I know, it's easy to forget at this time of year when the skies are steel gray & the ice crystals bite,
that stirring in the cold winds, is the spark of spring - waiting - to be ignited by the passion of our purpose...
can you feel the energy of the earth...Quickening...
i feel it groaning & stretching in the earth of my body...like a snake trying to shed its skin...
dancing in the silent belly of February, & yes, She Drums in the womb of her slumber...
'so much to do...so much to be'...Can you feel Her growing rhythms...?
Her song ever sung... 'Being is Becoming'...
She...has many names...with the 1st promise of Spring we call Her,
Brigid...Goddess of the Forge, & the Sacred Well...Great Goddess of Healing, of Creativity & Poetry...
whose feast-day marks the waxing light...
called by some, Candlemas, others, groundhog's day, still others, Imbolc...the lambing season...
the time of year when the belly of the great mother quickens with the growing light...
a time to purify & get fertile...so lets, charm the plow...& kiss the candle...
to re-kindle, a need-fire...as a welcoming beacon...to call back, our dormant power...

to heat up, our potential, & re-seed our creativity...
as we add fuel to the fire of our community...
one spark warms us all...a purifying fire, that burns clean
& opens the way to our Ritual of re-Dedication...






yes...this time of year is about the promise of spring...
as we step out of the center point of the dark half of the year...
preparing for growth & renewal...
performing the ancient rituals of spring cleaning...
purifying & anointing the body electric...awakening the spirit within...
a time of spiritual re-dedication...of self blessing & initiation...
of affirming & energizing creative work...
a time of blessing the seeds & consecrating the garden tools...
of calling forth & rekindling the sacred fires...ancient symbol of invigoration...

of Becoming...of rebirth...
so let the Women Gather & Open to Mystery - the inspiring Alchemy of Brigid...
that we may heal ourselves & each other...
that we may see our creativity become fertile...
enflaming us with the passion of our purpose...
looking within...we let the rhythm purge & purify our lives...
making us fertile ground for the new beginnings of spring...





(the voice of Brigid: channeled during Imbolc 2006)

Like the break O day I come...I hear your call my sweet city Druids...

like the cockerel, calling forth the sun, herald of the new day...

aye you see, we’re standing at the threshold, that mysterious, luminal place,

the halfway point between winter & spring, where anything’s likely to happen,

& most certainly will if we make it so,

yes like a fiery arrow, I am come, to kindle within ya a new vitality,

Can you feel the upwelling, like a tiny spark looming up from the coals of the home fires,

Forth-flaring from the sheltering-soil like sap rising,

Swift-sprouting like a crocus in the snow…Aye, you see, tings are shifting already,

for now it is I that’s calling the deep part of you to come forth,

Like the snake coming up from it’s hole, Ignited by the passion of purpose...

Ah but tis cold & dark still, so come, sit awhile in the mantle of my hearth fires,

Tis always a blessing to be with your clan mates...

Go on, Feel the warmth gracing your hands, preparing them for the work ahead,

aye Let yourself melt, like a bees wax candle releasing the sweet honey essence

of inspiration, your deep creative power quickening & awakening…

& now I ask ya, to ask yourself, do you chose, to go further & brave my fires

of transformation, aye these flames can get a wee-bit-hot, like the fires of Hades itself

some say...will you feed the forge-fire, & become one with the sacred flame…

malleable & ready for change...can you feel the fire of life rising in the blood,

do you want to feel the fire of love stirring in your heart...

will you call forth the fires of initiation to burn away all dross, in the molten golden glow

of Divine affirmation, purifying & self blessing...

will you take my name & become “one who exalts themselves”,

for now is the time of re-dedication…

you are invited to forge & shape yourselves into the tools of your own self-same destiny,

will you kindle with me, a need-fire, as a welcoming beacon, to call back, your dormant

power, to heat up, your potential, & re-seed your creativity...? will you step up

& begin to be, the change you want to see in the world...?

can you be the hammer & anvil to your own destiny...?

shifting, tooling, shaping, crafting, molding life-force into gold…

& I ask you, what song of creation will your hammer sing,

as it strikes the anvil of your soul...? aye there’s work to be done in this halfway time

before the spring has sprung…we’re up & to it, if it is your will, to add fuel to the fire

& become the forge of your own transformation, lets get those forge-fires burning…

& after, when you’re white hot from the hammers blow

& the inspiration of the anvil has branded you with initiation,

come then, to my sacred well to learn the mysteries of the healing waters

to be tempered & strengthened...yes come blazing seeds to the holy well,

& drink deep the mysteries of germination...water from fire, day from night,

up from the mire, into the light...

aye there’s a bit-o magic for you, water from fire, tis my great mystery sure & true

& here’s a clue, let me ask you, whilst in the forge, did you happen to get a glimpse

of the blue part of the flame...? aye, it’s the hottest part they say, burning clean,

the steady purifying eye of blue, the secret of alchemy, don’t you know...

well there’s a hint to ponder, bye the bye, but for now, come aspurge

your newly tooled selves in the purifying cauldron of rebirth,

for whatever it tis you want to grow, it must be watered, tempered & watered...

aye we all have our own unique gifts & talents that need fostering...

me, I’m a smithy, the keeper of the sacred well, but did you know

they call me the milkmaid & the midwife, muse & mentor, healer, sure & true,

& you can be these tings & more for yourself when you do what you do…

ah can you smell the aroma of healing herbs boiling in the pot,

Mingling with the earthy scent of root stew & buttermilk for the supper,

& the pungent smells of smoke & peat that infuse the brew, wafting up like visions,

water flowing down from the well...hold hope in your hands & drink it,

weave hope from the darkness & live it...

& so I say to you, let your own unique gifts, the embodiment of your talents be blessed

in the waters of healing, wisdom upwelling, grace compelling, in the clear eye of vision,

your sweet voice lilting & singing, the deft hand making & shaping,

goin on to be creating with head & hand & heart awakened…



3 old St Brigid's Blessings:


May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell,

bless every fireside, every wall and floor.
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof,

and every tongue and mind forever more.
Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy,

and every foot that walks its portals through.
This is my wish today, my constant prayer,

may Brigid bless the house that shelters you.




May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.




May the blessing of light be on you—
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire.






May our Heads, Hearts & Hands be Blessed & Empowered

That We may each fulfill Our Highest Destiny…

Blessed Be…


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