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Events are unfolding at a rapid pace and we are being confronted with issues that we may wish had been dealt with or have avoided dealing with from the past.

As we have journeyed in and to light we may have thought that past issues were dissolved in light.

However some event occurs and a chain reaction occurs in our mind and VABOOM everything floods back and we lash out. In our lashing we magnify those things that impacted on us the most.

It is happening to people who believe they are dedicated to LOVE and find themselves loosing their level of consciousness IN AN INSTANT and they attack the messenger instead of reading the message.


Each of us has to remain alert that if something upsets us  - FOR ANY REASON - it has one purpose and one purpose only - to highlight an area of our life that needs healing.


Attacking the messenger does not allow our healing to begin and in fact puts our healing back even more.


These events are occurring at every level of Human Existence.


Personal and particularly to those of us who are journeying to LIGHT as in our JOURNEY those hidden things that are holding us back are being revealed at super speed.




For ourselves and our World





So how are we going to come to terms with the past?

We probably cannot solve the problems of the world

We can however solve our own (with help if we wish)


As we solve our own PAST ISSUES we will unleash the POSITIVE ENERGY to SOLVE the WORLDS Challenges

There are many ways we can deal with the issues of the past so we can commit to the future.

If you need help they are many who IN LOVE will help you.


Try to LOVE the MESSENGER instead of Shooting them or attacking them or Trying to make them Disappear. You may be able to avoid an issue in the short term. My friend Lisa from Spiritually Speaking Reminds us so often


Everything Happens At The Right Time At The Right Place

For The Right Reason

And It Serves Us

Every Event Is A Situation For Us To Learn And Grow. If We Ignore The Lesson, It Will Repeat Until We Learn It. But Next Time The Lesson Will Be Harder And Harder And More Painful

If you are Reading this you have an opportunity to deal with these issues.



Have you been challenged recently?

Have you tried to "shoot the messenger"

or have you realized that the Messenger has brought you a gift to allow you to





We are all One
When One is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are healed.
Therefore in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all;
in the way that is for the highest good.
I give thanks that this is done!


Always in love and light.

David Nash



Surrender Your Body to Holy Spirit and Dance

submitted by TRIXIE

Trance Dancing is an ancient spiritual ritual which invites Holy Spirit to embody the participants, to give them visions, or to heal them through spiritual ecstasy. For over 40,000 years indigenous people worldwide (and now unconsciously, contemporary rave parties) use this practices to return home lost "soul parts", & bring about the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness. Anyone can trance dance because there are no steps, no external expectations. Holy Spirit knows the steps and once awakened, Spirit takes over. It is a journey out of your head and into your heart and body. Something that we modern humans seem to need so much.

Spiritual dancing is a cross cultural phenomenon, a testament to its power and authenticity. Cultures from every continent on this planet simultaneously embraced unique dance forms, whose Purpose in dancing is to `enter the consciousness' or `become the spirit' of the God, Goddess, and various animal and plant life. Through these dance rituals they believed that the Spirits could empower them with abilities such as courage and compassion, as well as reveal insights into the future. Trance dance, an ancient shamanic practice, is a healing vehicle through which people can commune with their Spirit.

Dance is synonymous with the prayer, a demonstration of reverence. Dance is a doorway to the soul or `spirit within' and if you dance into the state of ecstatic trance you will connect completely to the healing powers of Holy Spirit. Trance dance is pure ecstatic energy. Trance dance is the vehicle by which you become that energy and that's what makes it remarkable. At the level of Spirit, anything is possible.

For some people, the word 'trance' is frightening. But trance is really nothing more than another word for meditation. Trance and meditation are vehicles to move you from the state of internal dialogue, thinking, dreaming, anxiety to the state of awareness of who you are! The question is, how do you get to that state? When you meditate, you sit in silence for extended periods of time until the mind empties out and you become an empty vessel. Everything stops. New awareness is here and your Holy Spirit can surface. With trance dance your enter the same state, except the doorway is different. It's done through rhythm, sound and movement of the body. Through the catharsis during the dance your body, mind and karma is cleared and new kind of awareness is here. Surrendered to the rhythm and sound you are taken by Holy Spirit and reunited with our Divine Source in one very deep meditative and ecstatic bliss.

I was introduced to spiritual dance by Baghwan Rajneesh. His series of active meditations (Kundulini, Dynamic, Nataraj etc.) are magnificent work. Since then I have been dancing and breathing for many years. He has developed these dance meditations for imbalanced the lifestyle which leads to separation between our Spirit and Body. Many of us are never in balance, always extreme in their materialism or spiritualism. Truth is that real awakening which is a return of Holy Spirit into our Body and everyday life. While your body dances, your soul travels and remembers, free of the limits of this life, free of the limitations of time and space. Spirit returns home and is embodied within you, the Trance Dancer. Tremendous energy is awakened, spontaneous healing occurs and you are filled with visions of Spirit guides and nature.

Traditionally, trance dance has always been group work made around the fire and during the night. Naturally you can make it any time and anywhere. It is important to have your eyes closed and some people like to use blindfold for this purpose.

Before you start your dance build trust with members of group and place where you dance. I have been dancing at many different places and groups. Interesting phenomenon is that I never saw somebody hurt during the dance. Some dancers become quite wild during the dance but they have never made any damage to either themselves or others. After some practice in Trance dancing this will become understandable to you. When you surrender your body to Holy Spirit during the dance She will take care about safety and direct you much better than your mind. If you are dancing around the fire then you have the excellent opportunity to show the power of you Spirits by ending the dance with the Firewalking.

Drumming, rhythm, sound, movements and breathing are the main elements for focusing our attention. Why? We know about sound for very long, long time. It is the beating of our heart. That constant beating sound is a meditative and relaxing sound. Put your head on the breast of your beloved one and you will fill the peace, love and safety. What you will do with the crying baby? You will take it into your arms and hold it near your hart.

The beat moves us into a trance state when the rhythm is unbroken, and constant. At some point your ego will decide it is safe sufficient to release all controls ad surrender you to the Higher Self. If you listen to the rhythm - eyes closed or shielded by a blindfold, breath flowing in patterns - and move, a gradual release of your ego will take place. It is not permanent. It's a temporary place that you go, but it does have lasting effect. When you come back out of trance, less of your ego is there and more of your higher self is present - more of your intelligent self, your wisdom. People who dance over extended periods of time notice a marked increase in frequency of insight and revelation.

The dancer often comes to 'points of resistance' when they loose their balance or energy. At this point you just need to keep dancing, holding your attention on your breath and sound. We are loosing the energy because do not allow ourselves to breathe fully.

Gabrielle Roth said:” Any spiritual work is about bringing forces, fields of energy-the physical field, the emotional field, and the mental field-into unity, into oneness. How does that happen? It happens through the breath. The breath is the spirit, the Holy Spirit. The breath is the catalyst. The breath shakes things up and moves things. It keeps things moving. The difference between life and death is breath. A dead body doesn't move; that's it. Conversely, then, a live body, a living body, would move fully. Every little cell would be alive and vibrating. I consider that we're a series of vibrations; we're pure energy. When we're plugged into the master current, to the big current, to the master vibe, it's held together by an invisible force called breath. So we want to make more and more space for our breath. The deeper you breathe, the more fully you're alive.

Looking at how the body works, as we breathe we take in oxygen, and that oxygen filters through the entire body, through every little cell. If it doesn't get to those cells, that part of the body will have problems.

I have spent the last forty years on a variety of dance floors all over the world, and I hear the same mantra coming from me, which is "Breathe, breathe." When I look around, I see people holding their breath. We breathe on a very shallow level. Why is that? Because we're afraid; because if we were to let the breath go all the way down to the toes, on the way down it would get into the hips, and then we would be forced to really feel our sensuality and our sexuality, and it would ignite these forces, and we would have to be responsible for them, channeling them, and dealing with them.

On the way down it would also pass through the whole emotional place, and we would really feel. Our feelings would start to move. I've seen it again and again in the dance-- more you dance, the more deeply you start to feel. And the more deeply you feel, the more aware you become of why you're feeling, and what those feelings are connected to. And they're always connected to relationship-relationship to the self, to each other or to the world. To breathe fully is to be alive and awake.

I think that we have some unspoken contract that we're just going to go through the motions in some kind of numb zone-like nice, normal, neutral neurotics-and just get our five gold stars at the end. We hope the Dalai Lama's right-we hope we get to come back again, and maybe next time we'll breathe, and maybe next time we'll dance, and maybe next time we will really feel the full force of the Holy Spirit. I say hey, let's do it now! It's never too late.”

The dance ends when the dancer has gone as far as they are able and at that point they will sit down and obverse energy, love and peace created inside of them. Many people have moved energy that has been stagnant for a long time; this culture doesn't make many safe spaces for strong passion - whatever kind of emotion it contains. After the emotional cleansing during the dance this still part of the dance is always deep meditative experience.

Through ancient breath patterns, movement and rhythms which impact the body and mind , the Trance Dancer begins to see with their senses rather than their eyes. Other times and other forms reveal themselves, and the Trance Dancer's consciousness is filled with the magical world of Spirit. With time and experience, Trance Dancing causes you to think with your heart not with your brain. When Spirit enters us we shamelessly move our bodies with orgasmic passion, because this is our true nature. We then begin to experience ecstatic healing, as we consciously breathe and move from inside our hearts.

The desperate quest for enlightenment, bliss and out-of-body experiences dies and instead your body is filled with your total existence. You are fully present, you are at last content, no longer needing to escape the reality you have agreed to. You are finally filled with love, energy, respect and passion for being alive. You are finally satisfied being a human being.

Never looked at it like this before..............

A woman was asked by a coworker, "What is it like to have found your spirituality?"  The coworker replied, "It is like being a pumpkin. the Goddess picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then She cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. She removes the seeds of  doubt, hate, greed, etc., and then She carves  you a new smiling face and puts Her light inside of you to shine for all the world to see."          

In all equations

sequences, revelations

Sum total of elation
Love every time

Singing about it for centuries

As if some hidden mystery

The answer is plain to see

Love every time

The time between spaces

Leaving no traces

on charts but embraces

the most eloquent places

The answer it comes to me

Love every time

A new beginning

No care for whose winning

To keep the world spinning

Love every time


(Candace Esslinger 2002)


Calliope I read this this morning.  It spoke to me and I thought of your
photos, particularly the second quotation.  Here is a gift to your
community, then.

On Ratnasambahva: The Jewel Born

    ³The poison associated with Ratnasambhava is pride.  However, pride is
one side of a duality of which the other is always present.  Where you have
pride and a conscious over-valuation of yourself, hidden in the basement of
your psyche is a great deal of insecurity.  Similarly, within every Uriah
Heep there is usually a well-concealed egotist to be found.  Ratnasambhava¹s
Wisdom of Sameness shows us that whether we play high status or low the
result is still he same.  We are still too much concerned with ourselves.
    He also shows us the way out.  He is supremely generous, and it is not
possible truly to give without awareness of others.  Giving takes you beyond
yourself.  It involves seeing the needs of others, and what will satisfy
those needs.  Through awareness of others we enter the human realm, which as
we have seen is the realm of the Wheel of Life over which Ratnasambhava
    The human realm is the realm of co-operation.  Here you come into
relation with others, and no longer feel the isolation of pride. It is the
only realm in which you can naturally feel the support of others, and hence
escape both pride and lack of self-esteem.  It is also the only realm in
which you can empathize with others.  Empathizing with them, you become rich
in their riches.  So it is the world of Rejoicing in merits¹ ­ appreciating
the good qualities of others and rejoicing in their happiness ­ of which
Ratnasambhava seems to be the patron.² (30)
*     *     *
    ³This superabundance of Ratnasambhava leads us to associate him with
another quality which has connections with aesthetic appreciation.  That
quality is playfulness.  Play is a sign of spare energy, and of a wider
perspective than is needed for the task in hand.  It is creativity without
any object in view beyond itself.  As such, it can be a celebration of human
consciousness.  The energy that pours from Ratnasambhava, the ebullience of
spiritual riches, gives us free energy and an expansive, relaxed vision.
Out of this we can play ­ without needing any reason or justification.² (34)

Vessantara.  The Mandala of the Five Buddha's.  Birmingham: Windhorse
Publications, 1999.


Dear Lady H,

I dove nearly naked into the coldest, clearest, unheated pool this morning to celebrate the coming of summer.  At first it was a shock, but I let go of my fear of cold until I felt at ease and embraced by the cooling element. I swam down to the bottom, turned over and gazed up through the crystal water into the overhead sun. 

It was like swimming in a pool of light.  Okay, so tonight I must pray Asklepios for a healing dream.  Walk through the gate!


I am an acolyte of the River Goddess.
Sometimes the surface seems calm and serene,

but there are deep and powerful currents running below.
The river is a strong creative force.

When you take to the river of sleep,

can you find your way into my dreams?  

Will our souls glance and dance and mingle

in that everflowing, subterranean stream.

I will look for you.

Affectionately, Steven Trancedancer




She comes.... arms wide

Eyes Full of moon

Cauldron smoking, Flower in Bloom.

The Snakes writhing thru the Flames of Her Hair

She comes Ripe and Ready

She comes.....Full Fair


She comes.......riding High

Labyris held fast

Trusting her knowing, Behind her...the past.

Two horses afore her, One Black and one White

 Deep dark Shadow

And blinding White Light.


She comes.....Dancing

Fiercely, yet Gracefully

 Tracing Peace into the Mystery

Stepping thru the Looking Glass without the Fear

She comes thru the Victor

Her Truth, Loud and Clear.


June 2, 2003


Stacey Taheny



Om shree sache maha prabhu ki jai
Paramatma ki jai
Om shanti shanti shantihi

May the ultimate truth be victorious.
May that which is beyond all boundaries be victorious.
May there be peace, peace, peace.

Love from
Steven Bruce, June 6 2003