Hazel  L’Aura  G.






MISSIONS:                      To promote community, networking, team building, and healthy group dynamics

                                                 through fun rhythm-based rituals.


To celebrate all cultures by promoting an understanding of comparative religions

and Earth-based spirituality – activating unity through diversity.


To bring to light the many faces of the Divine Feminine,

to empower & transform.


                                                To guide individuals of all ages to realize their full potential.


ROLES:                              •  Teacher & Facilitator                 •  Ecstatic Dancer            •  Performance Artist

                                                •  Spiritual Midwife                         •  Musician & Poet           •  Ritual Shaman


                                                Recognized by the Village Voice as:  “The High-Priestess of Ritual & Resonance.”





EXPERIENCES:           Wheel of the Year: 

                                                •  Conduct at least 8 seminars each year at Lake Street Church (Evanston) & other Chicagoland venues,

                                                   exploring links between Christianity and the rhythms of the seasons.

                                                 •  Halloween / Day of the Dead, & other cultural & religious Holidays: 

                                                 Lead presentations exploring various ethnic & cultural expressions, including

                                                 rituals of Mexico, Italy, Ireland, and Africa.  (Chicago Park District)

                                                 Women's Resource Fair

                                                 • The Infinity Center

                                                 • Chicago Reclaiming


                                                NON-DENOMINATIONAL MINISTER & SPIRITUAL MENTOR

                                                (Ordained, 1987-Present)

                                                •  Provide one-on-one, couples, and group guidance on a variety of concerns.

                                                •  Create & lead custom ceremonies to celebrate all phases of life:  Birth to Death,

                                                    including same sex marriages & coming of age initiations


                                                                                                   . Founder of Wisdom Roots Puppetry  -

                                                                                                      working in the Waldorf-Tradition of Therapeutic Seasonal Story Telling,

                                                                                                      Song & Ensouled Puppetry…Our offerings are a gift in the art & archetype,

                                                                                                      the magic & meaning, the wisdom & renewal, of opening the heart & soul,

                                                                                                      to bring through the visible story, a picture of possibilities…

                                                  lifting the veil of the everyday, to connect us with spirit

                                                  & the wonders of the natural world…we use handmade felted wool table puppets,

                                                  colorful silks & other natural materials to provide a joyful pathway into these wonders.

                                                 Community Drum Circles:  Facilitate experiential dialogues for:

                                                •  Corporate Team Building     •  Domestic Violence         •  Inner City Kids

                                                •  Divorce & Family Issues      •  Victims of Rape                •  Special Needs

                                                   1st Friday Drum Circle at Unity’s “A Circus of the Spirit”

                                                   "Give Peace a Dance" Drum Circle    


                                                She Drums (Women’s Community Rhythm-Ritual) (2001-Present)

Founder/Facilitator:  New Moon Lodge exploring transformation & healing

through Women’s Mysteries.


                                                Sanctuary (the Funky Church of the Cosmic Rhythm) (2002-Present)

                                                Free-form Sacred Dance Events: Organizer, promoter, and director:

                                                •  EarthDance: Chicago facilitator for the annual International EarthDance --

                                                    a worldwide ceremony to promote unity across cultures.

                                                •  Harmonious NYE: Co-promoted and led Holistic New Year’s Eve Celebration (2004-2005)

                                                •  Collective Heart Throb: Co-founder of a collaborative group of local Conscious Dance promoters.


                                                D.E.V.A. (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy) (2003-Present)

Founder & Facilitator: A collaborative dance company that celebrates

“the body as the soul in action.”


                                                We Drum Tribe (2002-Present) 

                                                Founder & Facilitator: A community drum circle for all that celebrates the full Moon

                                                through rhythm-based ritual and self-expression.


VIDEOGRAPHER (1987-Present)

Shoot and edit video for celebrity clients and at public events (North Park Nature Center),

private events, and occasions.


                                                TELEVISION PRODUCER (1987-1992)

Producer, director, writer & videographer for The EarthNetwork,

a monthly program broadcast on channel 50 locally & on other stations around the country

Focusing primarily on environmental, political, & spiritual issues.


                                                COMMUNITY ACTIVISM (1980-1984)

Neighborhood Leader of the Homesteading Movement on the Lower East Side in NYC;

Artists who lived in and rehabbed abandoned buildings as living space for the homeless.


                                                SINGER, DRUMMER, SONGWRITER, PERFORMANCE ARTIST

(1979-1986)  Performed in several “No New York” genre original bands

(Heal, Health Hen, Baby Boom) recorded and toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

                                                •  Featured at CBGB’s, the Mud Club, the Bitter End, the Cubby Bear, the Beat Kitchen, etc.

                                                •  Co-founder & Leader of the guerrilla Theatre Troupe, “The Valkyries.”


                                                ORGANIC CHEF (prior to 1987)

                                                Prepared creative, healthy meals at restaurants in New York (Prana) and

                                                Chicago (Chicago Diner).



EDUCATION:               •  B.A., Philosophy & Comparative Religions,  San Francisco State University,

                                                    Minor, Women’s Studies


                                                •  Ordained Minister, Spiritual Science Center


                                                •  Advanced study: JuniperTreeHealingStoryPuppetry, with Suzanne Down, Chicago Reclaiming, 

                                                    Hakomi & Matrix leadership training in team building & consensus processes,

                                                    frame drumming with Layne Redmond, Chicago Hermetic Society, Herbology & Plant Medicine

                                                    with Althea Northage-Orr at the Chicago School of Psycho-Physical Healing,  

                                                    Sociatas Rosicruciana in America (S.R.I.A.) , B.O.T.A., the Mystic Qabalah.
































































































Laura Dee Lucchesi