D.E.V.A (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)


Dance Collaborative

D.E.V.A. Skt;

(One who is playful & beautiful; To shine; The illuminated one;

Internal pleasure potency; Divine reality.)

Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy


Facilitated by Debra Sawyer & Hazel L'Aura G.


Pele -

The Hawaiian Goddess of Creative Fire



Debra Sawyer

Stacey Taheny

Nancy Graham-Betend

Hazel L'Aura G.



Sunday July 17th

10:30 am

Part of The LAKE STREET CHURCH Experience

“Rooted, Connected, Transformed”

607 Lake St. / Chicago Ave. Evanston


Unity's 1st Friday

August 5th

10 pm


Unity In Chicago, 1925 W. Thome Ave.
(lots of free parking, 1 blk s. of Devon, 1 blk w. of Ridge)
Get map here



Volcano Goddess Pele was born as a Flame
In the mouth of Her Earth Mother ~ Haumea
Grand Daughter of the Great Sky Goddess Papa
Great Grand Daughter of Mother Goddess Creatrix..ULI
Having searched a long time for a Home
Pele finally settled at Halemaumau ... On the Island of Hawai'i
The Big island represents the Root Chakra
Of the Hawaiian Island Chain
Pele has been honored as the Spirit of Fire
She is the male principle contained in the Feminine
Before the male form was Man-ifested

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