D.E.V.A (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)


Dance Collaborative

D.E.V.A. Skt;

(One who is playful & beautiful; To shine; The illuminated one;

Internal pleasure potency; Divine reality.)

Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy


Presents :

Mary- Queen of Heaven

Performed @

"EIGHT:18 @ UNITY" - "A Circus of the Spirit"

Friday December 3rd 9:30pm

Unity Chicago-1925 Thome (1 blk S.of Devon,1 blk W.of Ridge) LOTS of free parking.


Sunday December 5th 10:30am
Part of The LAKE STREET CHURCH Experience

“Rooted, Connected, Transformed”

607 Lake St. / Chicago Ave. Evanston



The Triple Goddess - The Feminine Triad

Maiden - Virgin Mary.....................devotion
Mother - Mother of Jesus................loving & life giving
Crone - Queen of Sorrows...................compassion


Honoring the stages of Mary's life

by showing the enduring symbol of feminine divinity :


Elodie Betend

Nancy Graham-Betend

Debra Sawyer

Jennifer Catlin

Sweet Mary, Mother of Compassion

In your youth you show us flowing strength and joy

As mother you embrace us within your arms
 and bring us comfort with your calming waters.

It is with loving mercy
that you take us back into your serene darkness
to be reunited with you

Queen of Heaven,
let us bring peace on this earth and into our lives
 as we light this candle.
   To mirror the stars in your heaven
 and remind us we are all connected.



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