D.E.V.A (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)


Dance Collaborative Performing:

D.E.V.A. Skt;

(One who is playful & beautiful; To shine; The illuminated one;

Internal pleasure potency; Divine reality.)

Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy


Facilitated by Debra Sawyer & Hazel L'Aura G.

Presents :


Our Mother , Our Earth


Saturday September 17th

@ the Sanctuary EarthDance event



Stacey Taheny

Debra Sawyer

Nancy Graham-Betend

Hazel L'Aura G.

"We Are Healing Ourselves

We Are Healing Each Other

We Are Healing Planet Earth, Our Mother"



a Dance Ritual

Invoking a Spiritual Initiation

that fully reveals the Essence of Our Connection

to the Truth of our Global Actions...

Compelling Communication

by Celebrating the Body as the Soul in Action…

From Adoration to the pain of oppression,

we Open the mind/body/spirit…

For Ourselves, the willing Witness & the Planet…

To Receive & speak the language of the Divine Spirit…

Infusing our flesh & bones…every cell & organ of our body…

the very DNA, with its vitality…

to bring Healing & Hope to Our World…

Blessed Be...



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