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D.E.V.A (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)


Dance Collaborative

"the Garden of BLISS"

a work in progress

Chapter 2 in the Trilogy of

Ritual Dances Invoking Lakshmi

part 1: Ganesha Opens the Way



Harper Horan

Melyssa Reesh

Lachelle Hayes

Roberta "Sugar" Schmatz

Hazel L’Aura G.





Bring the Whole Family to the Chicagoland

SANCTUARY EarthDance extravaganza

Saturday September 15th 2007

Our 11th Annual


Celebrate Peace as One Global Community

at the World's Largest dance Party, with over 250,000 People

in more then 200 cities in 57 Countries on the Planet !!!


5:30pm - we will gather at the Lake

@ Sheridan Rd. & Lake St. Evanston

bring  a picnic dinner & join us

for the "Prayer for Peace" & H2Om (a Blessing of our Scared Waters)

@ 6pm SHARP* !!!


followed by a performance by "Wisdom Roots Puppetry"


& D.E.V.A. (Divine Expressions of Vital Alchemy)

performing "the Garden of BLISS"


then Parade over to

Lake Street Church

rooted, connected, transformed 


How to get to LSC

7:30pm - Free-Form Dancing

to an eclectic mix of World Beat Music

Closing Circle=9:30pm


$10 per person

(this includes FREE admission to the after party @ MKP*)

Children under 13 FREE


Our Chicagoland EarthDance event is sponsored by SANCTUARY & will benefit Play for Peace

a global organization based in Chicago, teaching people to be leaders for peace

and how to live and play together in creating more peaceful communities.


The blueprint for Earthdance is simple, it’s a day when the world can unite through the universal platform of music and dance to affirm peace and celebrate cultural diversity.


*One  highlight of EarthDance is a simultaneous link-up, when every event across the world unites in the  "Prayer for Peace" & this years special "Honoring of the Waters, Global OM"

which will be 6pm sharp, Chicago time –

early morning in the Australian rainforest, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas,

the Prayer for Peace meditation is a profound and powerful healing & harmonizing moment…


  Earthdance International, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
For more information, visit


*& then the party continues to...

"Give Peace A Dance"

10pm - 3am @ MKP

1900 West Fulton
Chicago IL 60612


(*FREE with proof of admission to EarthDance)



Drum Circle with H.A.G. 10:30pm-midnight


Stay tuned for more details… 

 to do work exchange contact: hazel@shedrums.com



Sunday October 28th

part of the Opening Spectacle

12 NOON sharp!!!

@ Quest Fest 2007 -

a Harvest Festival of Puppets, Drums & Dance !!!



Harper Horan

Melyssa Reesh

Lachelle Hayes

Roberta "Sugar" Schmatz

Hazel L’Aura G.


& C.G. the Solar King playing Didgeridoo in the Ritual-Procession



For More Info. & Bookings contact:





I Am Effortless Prosperity

Fearlessness is My Gift

Abundance is My Birthright

Bliss is My Offering

Beauty is My Reality

I Am the Abode of Wealth & Splendor

Lakshmi Ma is the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity or Bliss. But how do we achieve our Bliss?

How do we open to receive the True abundance of our Divine Birthright?

How do we reach Lakshmi Ma?
There is a myth which says that there are two roads to Lakshmi, two roads to one's own Bliss,

each of which is guarded by two different, very important energies embodied by the Hindu deities Saraswati (Wisdom) and Ganesha (Opener of the Way).

The myth suggests that in order for one to achieve their own True Bliss, we must first travel

these two roads. We must travel the road guided by Saraswati, the great teacher

who passes on the Wisdom of the Heavens to All; and we must also travel the road guided by Ganesha who removes all obstacles, personal and external, from our path.

Each of these three deities are associated with three of the seven Chakra centers in the body. Ganesha dwells within the root chakra, Saraswati within the crown

and Lakshmi within the Solar Plexis. This combination is very auspicious,

developing the principal of opposition which brings balance & freedom.

From our head we are tall and light (Saraswati)

and at our base we are grounded and unencumbered (Ganesha).

And to tie it all together we maintain a strong center of power (Lakshmi)

letting this guide us into our own Bliss.


(inspired by Harper Horan))



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