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The Sanctuary Mystery-Lodge


Oak & Ivy –  Fire & Water

The Alchemical Marriage of Sun & Moon
an Experiential Workshop Intensive for singles & couples*
Exploring the "Mystic Union" of Yin & Yang –

to Invoke, Enliven & Empower
The Magician-Lover-King &

The Tantric-Priestess-Queen Within

*AnyBody, individual or partnered (LGBT or Straight) over 21+ Welcome 


Saturday May 9 - Full Flower Moon

12:45pm - 5pm

MKP 1900 W. Fulton, Chicago

 (3 blk W of Ashland, 1 blk E of Damen, 2 blk N of Lake)


 $55 or $100 for 2 registered & pre-Paid (cash/check)
$65 at the door - cash only

the last day to Register is Friday May 1st

last day to pre-pay - May 8th

Facilitated by Core-Guides: Rev. Hazel G. & ‘New Warrior’ Chuck Ginsberg

Your personal Alchemical Marriage -

How can you use this season of fertile gifts to become more integrated & whole…?

The Self - an integration of life’s message...

How does the life-force flow within you?

What parts of yourself would you wed to yourself?

What are your strengths & gifts?

Who are your allies, what are your tools?

Where are your shadows, the parts of you that need polishing?

How can you stand complete & whole unto yourself,
knowing yourself in all your parts?

What do you want to wed...?

What do you want to shed...?

What will you grow in your seedbed...?

What are your marriage vows...?

What are your not alloweds...?

What power will your wedding arouse...?


Let your union ripen

Let your union deepen...


it doesn't matter if are single, looking or partnered,

we all seek Balance & Union within -

& the season of Beltane provides the perfect impetus for this essential work...

this experiential workshop will provide a safe place for self exploration,

an intimate atmosphere for couples to open up & see each other in a new light,

a great opportunity to meet others who are doing 'the Work',

A Sanctuary just for You...

As part of this Workshop we will Explore:

Creating Safe Sacred Space

Mythtelling & the Invocation of the God & Goddess Archetypes, Allies & Energies of ‘Beltane’

Guided Visualizations – into the realms of the ‘Fey’ or Nature Spirits

Ecstatic Dance Meditations – Blindfold Trust / Maypole Dance

& Inner Journeying to call forth:

   The Active Fortitude of the Solar Force

   The Fertile Receptivity of the Lunar Energies

   A life that celebrates the Life-Force as an integrated Web of Energy, Balanced & Whole, in the Harmony of the Elements Blessed

Transformative Experiential Ritual-work –

   a time for separate breakout groups for ‘Oak’ & ‘Ivy’

   a Beltane Rite Celebrating Fertile Creativity & the Flowering Life-Force…

   a symbolic Marriage Ceremony: The Alchemical Union of Self to Self, Beloved to Self, Community to Self, & Self to the World!
Drumming for Heart-Opening Empowerment, Invocation, &Shamanistic Trance

Journaling – Mapping, & Naming + automatic writing to tap into the subconscious Self

Special Sessions with: Althea Northage-Orr of the Chicago College of Healing Arts

   leading us in the Ancient Art ofNeidanto move Chi, Balance Yin & Yang internally & get your Mojo working

   & Shauna of the River offering a Heart Lotus, Venus Kriya from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.


(with Pre-Registration you will receive more details)


Space is Limited - to register & pre-pay contact hazel@shedrums.com


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